Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 BoosterPlug, 2017-2020


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BoosterPlug is the quickest and most efficient way to optimise your bike's fuel injection system. It's the solution to issues caused by modern emissions regulations like low-speed surging and snatchy on/off throttle response. Your bike will accelerate better and run more smoothly.

It's a straightforward plug and play alternative to complex and expensive tuning modules like the Power Commander. With a BoosterPlug, it's quick and easy to make your bike run like it should. The unit is supplied with the correct connectors and plugs directly into your bike's wiring harness. No modifications are required.

BoosterPlug is the #1 choice for optimising your bike's fuel injection system.

  • Eliminates poor on/off throttle action
  • Improves acceleration
  • Eliminates low-speed surging
  • More reliable idle with less tendency to stall
  • Reduced popping if you have an aftermarket exhaust fitted

Please Note:
This version of the BoosterPlug is only confirmed for the Continental GT 535 from 2017-2020. The older bikes have a more primitive fuel injection system with no AIT sensor which means they are not compatible with the the BoosterPlug. It is not completely certain when the new fuel injection ECU was introduced (Royal Enfield does share that information) - so if you have a pre-2017 GT535 you may still be able to use the BoosterPlug on your bike. Please check to make sure your bike has an AIT sensor in the air intake tube before order.