Husqvarna TR650 Terra BoosterPlug, 2017-2020


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BoosterPlug is the quickest and most efficient way to optimise your bike's fuel injection system. It's the solution to issues caused by modern emissions regulations like low-speed surging and snatchy on/off throttle response. Your bike will accelerate better and run more smoothly.

It's a straightforward plug and play alternative to complex and expensive tuning modules like the Power Commander. With a BoosterPlug, it's quick and easy to make your bike run like it should. The unit is supplied with the correct connectors and plugs directly it in to your bike's wiring harness. No modifications are required.

BoosterPlug is the #1 choice for optimising your bike's fuel injection system.

  • Eliminates poor on/off throttle action
  • Improves acceleration
  • Eliminates low-speed surging
  • More reliable idle with less tendency to stall
  • Reduced popping if you have an aftermarket exhaust fitted

Please note: The Husqvarna Terra TR650 series uses the same temperature sensor for the fuel injection system and the temperature display on the dashboard. This means that your dashboard will display a temperature 20° / 35°F lower than the actual ambient temperature when you have installed a BoosterPlug. There is no way to avoid this, it's probably not an issue for most riders, but we want you to be aware of it.