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Ducati Panigale Heat Shield Kits

Ducati Panigale Heat Shield Kits

Posted by Paul Jordan on 24th May 2021

Any Panigale rider will tell you that heat from under the exhaust can be a real issue - especially in hot weather. For some people, the excessive heat can tip the balance in favour of changing their Ducati for a different bike.

At RSR Moto, we have the solution. We're proud to announce that we're an official distributor for Ducati Panigale Heat Shield Kit from Ducati Spacers in the US.

The kit drastically reduces the radiant heat from the engine, resulting in a much more comfortable ride. The thermal images below clearly show the reduction in heat from the kit.

The heat shields are precision die-cut from aluminised fibreglass material that can withstand radiant heat up to 2000°F.  The adhesive can withstand temperatures of 500-600°F so there's no need to worry about the material being damaged by engine heat. 

The kit has undergone extensive testing in extreme Southern California desert heat and it held up perfectly. There was no degradation seen in the aluminised surface or adhesive.

The kit comes with a full-colour, 4-page instruction manual detailing the installation process. Anyone with basic hand tools and about 40 minutes can fit it.

We have kits available for all Ducati 899 / 959 /1199 / 1299 & V4 Panigale models. Order yours now!