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Motorcycle Registrations Rise Across the EU

Motorcycle Registrations Rise Across the EU

Posted by Paul Jordan on 24th Jun 2019

Good news for the European motorcycle industry: during the first three months of 2019 motorcycle registrations increased in most EU countries.

Figures from the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) show that registrations reached 244,991 units - an increase of 19.2% compared with the same period of 2018

Here are the totals for the major EU bike markets:

1.Italy: 54,826 units (+ 18.7%)

2.Germany (44,450 units, +23.3%)

3.France (43,942 bikes, +20.0%)

4.Spain (37,255 bikes, +20.5%)

5.UK (25,913 motorcycles, +10.3%)

Secretary general of ACEM, Antonio Perlot, said: "The increase in vehicle registrations reflects the overall improving economic conditions across Europe, particularly in the largest EU markets, as well as European citizens’ preference for an enjoyable and convenient means of transport.”