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Order before 3.30pm Monday to Friday for Same Day Dispatch! (Except Bank Holidays)
Order Before 3.30pm Monday to Friday For Same Day Dispatch! (Except Bank Holidays)

Carbon Fibre Installation Guide

RSR Moto's carbon fibre parts are designed as direct replacements for the original items. Installation is usually straightforward and involves removing the original part, transferring any brackets or cable guides over, and securing the carbon fibre part with the original fasteners.

However, due to the nature of the materials used and the manufacturing processes involved in producing carbon fibre parts, some modification or adjustment may be required during installation. This is normal and can apply to any carbon fibre part from any manufacturer (regardless of price)Most manufacturers will not mention this but we'd rather be open about it.

If any adjustment is required (and it probably won’t be), it can be done with basic tools e.g. hand files, wet & dry paper, or Dremel-type devices.

Below is a guide to dealing with issues you may encounter during installation and what to do about them. Please note that although carbon fibre is an exotic material, it is easy to work on and responds well to drilling, filing, and sanding.

1)     A mounting hole is too small for its retaining bolt. This is probably due to an excess of clear coat or carbon fibre fabric. The hole can be enlarged with a drill, a hand file, or a Dremel. 

2)     A mounting tab is too big to go in its slot. This is probably the result of an excess of resin or lacquer. The unwanted material can be removed with a hand file, a Dremel, or some coarse wet and dry paper.

3)     A mounting pin is too wide to go in its hole. If this is the case, the diameter of the pin can be reduced using coarse wet and dry paper.

4)     Some of the mounting bolts can be secured, but not all. Try loosening the screws and manipulating the part so all the screws will line up with their holes. If this does not work, it may be necessary to enlarge one or more of the holes in the carbon fibre part to allow the bolts to line up correctly with holes in the swingarm/fork/ etc.

5)     The original retaining bolt will not tighten fully. The carbon fibre part may be thinner than the original in that area. The addition of a nylon washer or spacer between the bike and the carbon fibre part should solve the problem.

6)     One or mounting holes on the carbon fibre part do not align with the holes on the bike. The hole(s) can be enlarged or elongated using a hand file or a Dremel.

Professional installation is recommended for all carbon fibre and titanium products. 

If you need any support, we are available at or 01482 627476 during office hours.