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T800+ UpMap

UpMap is a project born from the need to improve vehicle performance in a world where the continuous development of electronics makes it increasingly difficult to achieve this goal with only the replacement of the exhaust system.

The newly upgraded T800 + UpMap device connects to the bike via the diagnostic cable, and allows you to experiment with  mappings optimised and tested by our experts.

The goal was to design a system that would allow you to reprogram the ECU system in a user-friendly way and provide the user the ability to operate in complete autonomy and safety. 

We have doubled both the memory space and the transfer speed. In this way the T800 + is able to reprogram new motorcycle models that require more memory, further reducing transfer and reprogramming times. You can manage the entire setup process comfortably from your smartphone. 

Buy any T800 item and you receive a free MAP of your choice.

You can also simply buy and download MAPs for other models too (you will need a different cable for each manufacturer or specific model).

A quick guide to connecting the T800 device to a Ducati Panigale 1199 / 1199S (similar method applies to all UpMaps):

How does it work?

UpMap connects to the diagnosis cable of the bike and allows, through the application, to access from your smartphone, in real time, to a universe of mappings developed and tested by our experts.

UpMap allows you to reprogram the ECU in total autonomy and security, from your garage without having to contact an expert or spend time to test the bike on a test bench.

Simple, intuitive and fast UpMap system was  designed for iOS and Android.

UpMap is not only maps, but offers other services:

  • Such as the possibility of having a Digital Dashboard
  • An onboard computer that tells you the health state of your vehicle, showing you any defects while driving or evaluate consumption.
  • The Camera option allows to record with the front and back camera smartphone the video of your performance.
  • The data acquired from the control unit will be graphically displayed on the screen.