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Focus on M8 Titanium Bolts - RSR Moto

Focus on M8 Titanium Bolts


In the realm of fasteners, M8 titanium bolts stand out for their exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. These bolts come in various types, each tailored to specific applications across different industries. Let's delve into the world of M8 titanium bolts, exploring their types and common uses.



Let’s start by looking at the system of bolt specification because it provides detailed information about the dimensions of a bolt.

We will use an "M8x1.25x45" bolt as an example:

M8: Diameter

   - The "M" indicates that it is a metric bolt.

   - The number "8" represents the nominal diameter of the bolt in mm. In this case, the bolt has a diameter of 8 mm.

1.25: Pitch

   - The number after "x" denotes the pitch of the bolt's threads, which is the distance between the threads measured in millimetres (mm). In this example, the pitch is 1.25 mm, indicating that the threads are spaced 1.25 mm apart.

45: Length

   - The last number represents the length of the bolt, measured from the tip to the bottom of the head. In this case, the bolt is 45 mm long.

In summary:

- M8: Metric bolt with a diameter of 8mm.

- 1.25: Thread pitch of 1.25mm (distance between threads).

- 45: Length of the bolt is 45mm.


This specification system facilitates a standardised method of conveying the crucial dimensions and characteristics of bolts. This simplifies the process for engineers, technicians, manufacturers, and enthusiasts to choose the appropriate bolt for their specific application.

Please be aware that countersunk bolts deviate from the norm mentioned above because the length measurement includes the head. This means that, for instance, an M8x1.25x45 countersunk bolt measures 45mm from end to end.



Types of M8 Titanium Bolts:


  1. Titanium M8 Hex Flange Bolts

m8 titanium hex flange bolts

   - Hex flange bolts feature a hexagonal head with an integrated flange at the base. This design provides additional support and stability when fastening components together.

   - Common uses: Motorcycle construction, brake disc bolts, automotive applications, aerospace engineering.

RSR Moto’s titanium M8 hex flange bolts are available in the following sizes: 

M8x1.25x10, M8x1.25x15, M8x1.25x20, M8x1.25x25, M8x1.25x30, M8x1.25x35, M8x1.25x40, M8x1.25x45,  M8x1.25x50, M8x1.25x55, M8x1.25x60, M8x1.25x65, M8x1.25x70, M8x1.25x75, M8x1.25x80, M8x1.25x85, M8x1.25x90


  1. Titanium M8 Button Head Bolts

m8 titanium button dome head bolts

   - Button head bolts have a rounded, low-profile head with a cylindrical shape. They offer a sleek and streamlined appearance.

   - Common uses: Brake disc bolts, bodywork retaining bolts, general assembly bolts, electronics manufacturing, marine applications.

RSR Moto’s titanium M8 button head bolts are available in the following sizes: 

M8x1.25x15, M8x1.25x20, M8x1.25x25, M8x1.25x30, M8x1.25x35, M8x1.25x40


  1. Titanium M8 Socket Head Cap Bolts

m8 titanium socket cap head bolts

   - Socket head cap bolts have a cylindrical barrel-shaped head with a hexagonal socket for wrench operation. This design allows for high torque tightening in confined spaces.

   - Common uses: Machinery assembly, robotics, structural engineering.

 RSR Moto's M8 titanium cap head bolts are available in the following sizes:

M8x1.25x15, M8x1.25x20, M8x1.25x25, M8x1.25x30, M8x1.25x35, M8x1.25x40, M8x1.25x45, M8x1.25x50


  1. Titanium M8 Countersunk Bolts

m8 titanium countersunk bolts

   - Countersunk bolts, also known as flat-head bolts, feature a head that tapers to fit into a countersunk hole. This design allows the bolt head to sit flush with the surface when installed.

   - Common uses: Motorcycle bodywork and general assembly, marine installations, automotive interiors.

 RSR Moto's M8 titanium countersunk bolts are available in the following sizes:

M8x1.25x20, M8x1.25x25, M8x1.25x30, M8x1.25x35, M8x1.25x40


  1. Titanium M8 Drilled Head Bolts

m8 titanium drilled head bolt

   - Drilled head bolts have strategically placed holes drilled into the head. These holes allow for the insertion of lock-wire to prevent loosening.

   - Common uses: Racing and track day motorcycles, karts, and other high-performance applications.

RSR Moto's M8 titanium drilled head bolts are available in the following sizes:

M8x1.25x15, M8x1.25x20, M8x1.25x25, M8x1.25x30, M8x1.25x35, M8x1.25x40, M8x1.25x45, M8x1.25x50, M8x1.25x55, M8x1.25x60, M8x1.25x65, M8x1.25x70, M8x1.25x75


Common Uses of M8 Titanium Bolts:


  1. Motorcycle Industry:

- M8 bolts are used extensively on motorcycles from Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. They are used in a wide variety of applications, notably as brake disc bolts, chain adjusters, fork pinch bolts, brake caliper pinch bolts, and for mounting components around the motorcycle.

Pictured below is a set of our titanium front disc bolts to fit various Suzuki GSXR600GSXR750GSXR1000, and TL1000 models.

suzuki gsxr750 titanium disc bolts

The photo below shows a set of titanium disc bolts to fit various Kawasaki models including the ZX6R, ZX10RZ1000, and ZZR1400.

kawasaki titanium disc bolts

The photo below shows a set of our titanium chain adjusters to fit most Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR Fireblade models. The size is M8x1.25x50 and they also fit a wide range of Japanese and Italian motorcycles.

honda cbr600rr cbr1000rr titanium chain adjusters

Pictured below are our all-new chain adjusters for 2021 onwards Aprilia RSV4, Tuono V4, RS660 and Tuono 66 titanium chain adjusters.

aprilia rsv4 tuono 660 rs660 titanium chain adjusters

   - M8 titanium bolts are also widely used in the automotive sector for engine components, chassis assembly, and bodywork attachments. Their lightweight yet strong properties make them ideal for enhancing performance and reducing vehicle weight. Titanium is often used to replace standard steel wheel bolts on high-end cars like the Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman, and Cayenne.


  1. Aerospace Engineering:

   - In aerospace applications, M8 titanium bolts play a critical role in securing aircraft structures, engine components, and interior fittings. Their high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance make them indispensable in the demanding conditions of aerospace environments.


  1. Marine Applications:

   - M8 titanium bolts are highly sought after in marine applications due to their corrosion resistance in saltwater environments. They are used for boat construction, marine equipment installation, and offshore structures where durability and longevity are paramount.


  1. Sports and Recreation:

   - From bicycles to motorcycles, M8 titanium bolts find extensive use in sports and recreational equipment. Their lightweight nature and robust performance make them favoured choices for enhancing performance and reducing fatigue in high-performance sports gear.


  1. Industrial Machinery:

   - Industrial machinery and equipment often rely on M8 titanium bolts for assembly and structural support. Their resistance to corrosion, high temperature, and vibration ensures reliable operation in challenging industrial environments.



M8 titanium bolts offer a wide range of types and applications, catering to diverse industries and engineering needs. Whether it's the streamlined design of button head bolts or the high torque capability of socket head cap bolts, these fasteners provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Understanding the different types and common uses of M8 titanium bolts empowers engineers, builders, and manufacturers to select the optimal fastening solution for their specific requirements, ensuring robust and efficient assemblies across various applications.

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